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Golden West College welcomes and supports all students, regardless of immigration status. In accordance with California law AB 540 and the California Dream Act, undocumented students at GWC will be afforded the same rights and resources as their peers, including access to resident tuition fees and financial aid.


Help spread the word! Are you a first-time college student this year and eligible for the California Dream Act Application? Do you know someone who is?

Golden West College invites you to apply for our new Golden Promise Program! First-time students who file California Dream Act Applications and enroll in full-time classes at Golden West College may receive free tuition and up to $2000 in additional financial support to help pay for books, transportation, and other living expenses!! To learn more, visit: /goldenpromise/

Golden Promise flyer [PDF]

Important Update:

August 8, 2018: The hearing on the Texas DACA case took place earlier today. There was no ruling and no summary judgment. Instead, the Judge has requested further briefing. According to attorneys, the ruling is likely to come within the next 15 days. DACA renewal applications are still being accepted. Eligible beneficiaries are strongly encouraged to renew now.

August 2, 2018: There is a preliminary hearing on DACA scheduled for August 8th in Texas. Should the judge declare DACA to be unlawful at that time, the Trump administration may stop accepting DACA renewal applications. Therefore, eligible DACA beneficiaries are highly encouraged to renew now.Resources are available for immediate assistance with DACA renewal applications, and financial assistance is available to cover DHS fees for eligible applicants:

World Relief Southern CaliforniaWorld Relief Southern California is hosting FREE RENEWALS for DACA every Thursday in August until further notice. Sign up at Financial assistance is available to cover DHS fees for those who qualify. For more information, visit, or call 714-210-4730.

CHIRLACHIRLA also offers DACA renewal clinics with possible financial support for the DACA renewal fee. For more information, visit, or call 888-624-4752.

GWC Financial Aid OfficeThe State of California has provided limited funds for AB 540 (Undocumented/DACAmented) students with emergency funding to help students afford school. The student must meet the eligibility requirements to request the funding. Note: Submitting the request form does not guarantee funding. For more information, visit the Financial Aid website.

For more information on the DACA litigation timeline, please read this resource created by NILC.


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